We offer a variety of services including:

  • Art Buying If needed we can assist in finding talent.
  • Casting facilities
  • Floc works with a wide selection of model agencies, kids and character agencies, representing the multicultural dynamics of Amsterdam. We also have the best street casters available to scout for models to any specifications. Our online client area enables clients to view model selections from any location.
  • Crew We offer an expert crew of production managers, photographic assistants, stylists, hair & make-up artists, and other support personnel whom we have excellent experience with.
  • Global location scouting & management Over the years, Floc has built up an extensive database of global location scouts and managers who will be able to efficiently find suitable production locations and manage them locally. Again our client area enables clients to view location selections online.
  • Travel, hotel & vehicles Floc offers to arrange your flight arrangements & hotel reservations. There are a number of well-established hotels in Amsterdam where we have preferential booking and rates.
We can arrange several different types of vehicles and will cater for your specific needs. Amongst these are crew vehicles and custom built location buses offering make-up and wardrobe/changing facilities, rails, a toilet, etc.
  • Insurance negotiations Please enquire about our range of insurance packages.
  • Weather Local weather reports are available from the following sites: knmi.nl   weeronline.nl
  • Post-production Amsterdam boasts a number post-production companies of international standard.
  • Equipment Your lighting requirements can be sourced from our local lighting companies. We can supply you with lists of available equipment and prices on request.
  • Props Local set builders are available to construct sets and build props to any specifications.